Telecom Towers Monitor

  • 12 May 14
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Project Description

A web based intranet application that lets the client manage their remote tower sites efficiently and effectively. Each EMU (Stabilizer) device sends raw data strings to the centralized server using the GPRS Modem over TCP/IP. The server listens to the data using the Socket, parses it and then stores them into the database. The stored data gets available to the inspection team in a user-friendly user interface web application using real-time gauges (can be seen in the screenshot). The application is intelligent enough to identify any kind of short-falls, alarms and warnings.

Live Preview
  • Skills:

    • Software Archiecture
    • Software Consultancy
    • Relational databases
    • Software Development
    • Software Architecture
    • Software Testing
    • Software re-engineering
    • Socket Programming
  • Client:

    Int Netlink