• 12 May 14
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Project Description

It’s an enormous web based Enterprise Resource Planning application for a multi-national company having its head office based in Australia. The company deals in DNA testing with its operations spread worldwide. Although there are so many ready-made Scientific Lab Testing applications available in the market but none of them suits them because of their complex Standard Operating Procedures. The company got its first application built back in 2003 and since then they had been using the same, and until 2011 their operations had massively changed and the company had massively expanded. The company floated the RFP (Request from Proposal) in the global IT market. Gatelogix was successfully able to win this project after ranking on top among many competitor companies from all around the world, successfully made the deal.

Live Preview
  • Skills:

    • Software Archiecture
    • Software Development
    • Project Management Software
  • Client:

    DNA Solutions